How do I place an order with you?
You can place an order by phone, by fax, or online. Please find our contact numbers on the contact information page. However, the most convenient way to order is online. Just click on order.  

Why is my machine not getting any air flow ?
When you first plug up your machine, you need to make sure that the flow meter is set on it's maximum flow setting (ex-15 is 8, ex-5 & ex-10 is 5) once it's set do not mess with it again, hook up your torch and you control your air flow through the oxygen valve on the torch itself not the flow meter. If you have no air flow after hooking up the torch you have a hose that is kinked, or pinched.

How often should I change my filters?

We recommend you change your filters every six (6) months to one (1) year.  Depending on how dirty the environment is that you work in and how often you use it. The dirtier the environmenft the more often you would want to change it.