We will ship via UPS any order you have to your door with the exception of our H-1 or large quantity orders.


If you have your own shipping or Freight account that you would like to use instead, simply let us know and we will ship your order on your account.


Note: If order is shipped on customer account, the customer will be responsible for filing any shipping damage claims should damage occur.

Our H-1 has to be shipped by Truck because of its weight and dimensions.  We will provide you with the best rates we can get and as always you are welcome to arrange your own shipping.


Large quantity orders are always best to be shipped by Freight to help save on shipping costs and to insure that the product arrives safely.


If you would like a quote on shipping charges via UPS or Freight , please contact us by using the contact form. We will provide you with a quote based on your distance from our main warehouse in the center of MARTINSVILLE.

Note: Please note that, all quotes are only good for 7 days and that the price could change at actual time of delivery. Please let us know of any Special delivery instructions you may have at your location in advance (ex. Front Door, Back Door, Garage, if a signature is required, residential, lift gate, commercial) so that we can provide you with the most accurate quotes.